Evolution of photography

Nowadays it seems very self-evident and usual to take photographs. We all can take some good quality images with our cell phones and no one is wondering how that is possible, but photography has become a very long way of evolution. Let’s see, how it all began and how it has developed.

The first idea of photography is attached to such discoveries as principle of camera obscure and some substance ability to visibly alter to exposure of light. However these both discoveries were known for some time, no one thought of putting them together to make some permanent images until 1800s. Only by that time there were some first attempts made to do something like that, but for few decades every try was unsuccessful.

By the time of 1820s there were some first successful attempts to make permanent photographs but it took more than one day to make a picture, so the images were blurry and incomprehensible. Although it was not possible to make useful pictures, this discovery was a base of further attemts.

Many scientists were trying to discover a way how to take picture with less exposure. By the time of 1830s these attempts was finally successful. The daguerreotype process was invented and that allowed taking pictures with only some minutes of exposure. Finally it was possible to take clear and detailed photographs. The inventor or daguerreotype process was Louis Daguerre, who is considered to be the inventor of photography. In 1839 society was introduced with his discoveries and this year is considered to be the birth date of photography.

Although this discovery was successful, soon there were other processes used in photography. William Henry Fox Talbot used another approach – calotype negative process. This is what most of us understands when talking about analog cameras – cameras with roll films. Of course, at the very beginning they looked and worked differently than we know, but very soon it was possible to reduce the exposure until few seconds and later even less than a half of second. Also these processes made it possible to take pictures in realistic colors, not just black and white. This is what made photography available for amateurs not only photographers. Anyone was able to get a camera and take pictures any time.

Another new era of photography comes with digital period. As the computers became more and more popular staring form 1990s, also in photography digital principles were applied. By the 2000s the digital cameras were widely used and became better and better every year. Nowadays digital cameras have almost completely replaced the analog cameras.

There is wide range of cameras available. From small digital cameras mounted into cell phones and other devices until professional DSLR cameras. Anyone can get a camera according to his needs and abilities. Photography is not considered as a phenomenon anymore, but a part of everyday life.

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