DSLR camera buying guide for the beginners

Of course the key success of good photography is the skills and talent of the photographer, but the quality of camera matters too. You can take compositionally and artistically great pictures with any camera, but you can’t take qualitative pictures without an appropriate camera, so let us introduce you to DSLR camera buying guide for the beginners.

If you have had DSLR camera before, you probably have some experience based knowledge about these cameras, but if you have never had professional camera before, it might me a hard task to choose appropriate DSLR camera. First you need to figure out what category camera you need.

Basically there are three categories – amateur, semi-professional and professional. As we are talking about beginners in the field of photography, the appropriate choice would be the amateur category. Amateur cameras don’t have as many features as professional cameras, but it is even advantage in this case. You should learn to take pictures gradually, so you won’t get confused in all the settings if you start with an amateur camera. Also they are less expensive and more comfortable for using. If you are planning to become a professional photographer by the time, you could also start with semi-professional camera, because they have some features of professional cameras and are more advanced, but you definitely don’t need to buy professional camera if you are not professional photographer who makes money with that, even if you can afford it.

So now you know that you should look at amateur category, but choosing camera is still complicated, because the supply in this category is huge. You might get confused by all the features and setting options but if you are beginner then you should only look at such aspects as lens, sensor size and stabilization. Many beginners think that most important aspect is megapixels, but it’s a myth. The count of megapixels doesn’t affect the sharpness of pictures, unless you need big size photographs or you need to crop them. For normal sized photographs that are not zoomed in even 8 megapixels will be enough. Camera with large sensor and good lens will let you take great picture regard the count of megapixels. So when it comes to choosing the camera, compare the sensor sizes and choose camera with exchangeable lens and image, sensor and digital stabilization. Those are the basic criteria of the quality of images, but also you should consider such aspects us battery type, size, file format etc., for easy and simple usage.

Then the next question is about brand of the camera. At the very beginning it doesn’t matters so much, but when it comes to buying accessories, brand matters a lot. You cannot put a Canon lens to a Nikon camera, so all your next purchases will be affected by your first choice. The most popular brands offers wider range of accessories, so better choose one of those. However, if you are planning to use your first camera a=only for a short time and later buy more advanced one, then you can choose also less popular brand, because they are cheaper.

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