Composition in photography

Composition is important in any type of art including the art of photography. A good camera and other equipment alone is not enough to make some good pictures. If you want to become a good photographer not just someone who owns a camera, you should also know everything about composition and other artistic aspects of photography.

First, you should understand what does the term composition means in general. Composition doesn’t apply only for visual arts, but also for such types of arts as dance, music, literature etc., so it’s not only about how thing look. Composition is a placement of any kind of objects or elements in an art. For example, movements in a dance, lyrics in a song or objects in a photography. The key of success in any art work is to make a good composition.

If you know the meaning of composition in general, it shouldn’t be hard to understand the meaning of composition also in photography. Basically, it means the way photographer is arranging the objects in the image. It sound very understandable and easy, but actually it can be quite a challenging, especially if moving objects are being photographed. Photographer needs to find the most suitable and best looking order of objects and position within the frame. Also the angle and position of camera can change the composition, for example, wider aperture between objects and the background will blur the background more. So there are a lot of aspects that should be taken in consideration to make a good composition of the image.

The composition in photography is so important, because that is what makes the picture interesting and can turn simple, plain things into a masterpiece. For example, you can take a picture of a most stunning landscape, but if the composition is not good, it won’t be a piece of art, but just a simple photography just like any other. At the same time, you can take a picture of simple urban environment and if the placement of objects is harmonious, the picture will look great.

The hardest part of making pictures with good compositions is that there is no one right way to do that. Many people might doubt that, because composition is being taught in art schools and there are some basic rules of composition. That is true – by these rules anyone can take a picture that is pleasant for the eye, but art doesn’t work like that. Following these rules you can take a good picture, not a great one. However, if you are a beginner, these rules might help you to understand, how objects can be placed in the picture and later figure out what works well and what doesn’t.

The basic rule of composition, that most of the photographers’ uses, is the rule of thirds. That means the whole image should be divided into nine equal areas by four lines. Two of these lines have to cut the frame into thirds vertically and the other two horizontally. Then the most important objects of the image must be placed in the intersections of these lines. Of course, there is also lot of other composition rules, which works not only for photography, but for any visual arts. After learning the basics of composition it will be a lot easier to make creative and stunning photographies.

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